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My own financial freedom

Manchester accountant James Sheard explains how he’s preparing himself in the good times for when the economy may get harsher so he can keep his financial freedom.

Freedom through business

Freedom from working for someone else is often the reason for setting up your own business. But running your own business is a challenge and you can start to feel like you’ll never be really free. Manchester accountant James Sheard explains how you can try to achieve the freedom you seek through your business.

Freedom through lifestyle

You may think the only way to achieve financial freedom is to win the lottery or inherit some money. But Manchester accountant James Sheard believes we have the power to make changes to our lifestyle that help us on the way to achieving the freedom we seek.

Gratitude in business

If you own your business it can be all too easy to get caught up in negative feelings. That’s why Manchester accountant, James Sheard, believes it’s important to spend time each day thinking about what you can be grateful for in your business and your life.

Paying less tax with pensions

We all want to pay less tax. Manchester accountant James Sheard, explains why pensions are a good way to do that now and in the future.

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