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A day at home

This week is a big week. I have my first day working from home. The rule I’ve set myself is that I’ll spend one day a week working from home and in addition try to resist looking at my emails over the weekend. It’s 10 years since Julia and I started The Accountancy People – … Continue reading A day at home

What are you putting in your Christmas cake?

What are you putting in your Christmas cake? I’ve made a Christmas cake this year; as you’d expect I’ve used Christmas cake ingredients: dried fruit, spices, cherries and lots of other good things.  I can make other cakes – if I want a chocolate cake I put in chocolate; lemon for a lemon cake; carrots … Continue reading What are you putting in your Christmas cake?

The People Behind the Numbers

“You’re hired” is a phrase associated with the nail-biting finale of The Apprentice on BBC1. Here at The Accountancy People it’s a phrase James used to make one of his soundest decisions since creating the company when he said it to our very own apprentice Joe Finn. Unlike many Apprentice wannabes on television, Joe is … Continue reading The People Behind the Numbers

Is your business working for you?

To me, your life is much easier if your business is aligned.  Aligned with your life and what you personally want to do. That’s when your business starts working for you. The great thing about having a small business is that you make the decisions. Ultimately you choose whether your business is aligned.  One important … Continue reading Is your business working for you?

Tax Free Savings

In the new tax year it is good to look at the tax free savings schemes that are available: Lifetime ISA:  The benefit is that you can put in up to £400 a month and the Government tops this up by 25% to £500.  You need to be under 40, you can use the money … Continue reading Tax Free Savings

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