Gratitude in business

If you own your business it can be all too easy to get caught up in negative feelings. That’s why Manchester accountant, James Sheard, believes it’s important to spend time each day thinking about what you can be grateful for in your business and your life.

Paying less tax with pensions

We all want to pay less tax. Manchester accountant James Sheard, explains why pensions are a good way to do that now and in the future.

The Russian Roulette of Debt

Debt can be a useful tool in making your business or your investments grow. But if you get overloaded with debt then it can also turn into a dangerous game, Russian Roulette. Manchester accountant, James Sheard, explains why.

A day at home

This week is a big week. I have my first day working from home. The rule I’ve set myself is that I’ll spend one day a week working from home and in addition try to resist looking at my emails over the weekend. It’s 10 years since Julia and I started The Accountancy People – … Continue reading A day at home

What are you putting in your Christmas cake?

What are you putting in your Christmas cake? I’ve made a Christmas cake this year; as you’d expect I’ve used Christmas cake ingredients: dried fruit, spices, cherries and lots of other good things.  I can make other cakes – if I want a chocolate cake I put in chocolate; lemon for a lemon cake; carrots … Continue reading What are you putting in your Christmas cake?

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