Contractors Beware

Watch out, watch out – there’s a budget about – and if you are a contractor with a personal service limited company then you need to keep a close eye on any change to IR 35. Manchester accountant, James Sheard, explains.

Whose fault is it anyway?

The freedom to choose is one of the great benefits of being a business owner. But that brings responsibility if things go wrong. Manchester accountant, James Sheard, explains why it’s essential to avoid getting bogged down in blame.

Buy-To-Let – too hot to handle?

Buy-to-let is a popular way to invest – but is the political climate making it less attractive? James Sheard, of Manchester’s The Accountancy People, suggests some things to think about.

How much is enough?

Summertime often leads to contemplation about what matters in our lives. Have we got the work/life balance right? Manchester accountant, James Sheard, thinks it’s important to know what you’re aiming for and then work out how to get there.

Control the six dwarves of stress

Once you’re stressed, it can be hard to break out of the stress feedback loop. Manchester accountant, James Sheard, identifies the stress that can hit you and your business and suggests ways to combat it.

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