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How will technology affect your business?

Technology is wonderful and is transforming the way we do business. It will be affecting the way your business will operate in the future. If you don’t think it will, then maybe you need to think harder about how it’ll affect you.

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Do you have a mattress to support you if you fall?

If things are going well in your business that’s great – but it’s wise to have something to fall back on if circumstances take a turn for the worse or unexpected.

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Do you deserve success?

James Sheard thinks about having the business you deserve. It is often the case that if someone does not think that they deserve business success they will have a tendency to sabotage their own success. He argues that you really need to think deep down that you deserve success, really deserve it as a pre-requisite … Continue reading Do you deserve success?

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James and his team have given me a friendly and efficient service with good practical advice. I enjoy using their services and would recommend them to others.

Phillip Bradwell,
Greystar Europe.

James provides a superb service, showing expert knowledge of his field and delivering efficiently within short timescales. I have recommended James to colleagues already and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Ben Godfrey,
Godfrey Wealth Management Ltd.

We’re impressed by The Accountancy People. They’re approachable, communicative and efficient. James has a good depth to his team. They’ve helped us move the business forward.

Dilaver Khanbhai,
DK Wholesale Ltd

There are many Manchester accountants

Why do you want to choose us – The Accountancy People?

You’ll want all the things you expect from Manchester accountants, prepared and filed on time without any hassle:

  • Accounts
  • Company tax
  • Your own Self-assessment
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll prepared without any hitches
  • And Companies House returns

But you might want more than this – an accountant that will help you and your business thrive. There are a number of ways we can help.

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the bookkeeping world. Modern technology is being used to streamline processes. Done well, this should mean less work for you and less time (and cost) to pay for. But it can do more than that. It can give you management information that helps you run your business rather than meaningless data. We can help you leverage the benefits the new generation of software brings.

There is more to accountancy than efficient bookkeeping and efficiently prepared forms that keep you legal. Done well, we can work together to help you create the personal world you want to live in. Not in a ‘stop global warming’ way. No, more to be the catalyst to help you create a business you are proud of, the wealth you want for yourself and your family and a business that gives you the freedom to work to a schedule that suits you.

Tell us about your hopes and dreams for your business and the way you want to live your life. We will help you look at how your finances can work to help you achieve your ambition.

You and your business are unique.

So is the service we offer to you.

When you choose to trust us with your business, then you can be sure the people here will help you understand how your numbers can work for you.

If you want to know how your business really works, where the pinch points are, what makes the money and what drains resources then please get in touch.

The Accountancy People, the Manchester accountants here to look after you and your business.


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