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Do you have a mattress to support you if you fall?

If things are going well in your business that’s great – but it’s wise to have something to fall back on if circumstances take a turn for the worse or unexpected.

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Do you deserve success?

James Sheard thinks about having the business you deserve. It is often the case that if someone does not think that they deserve business success they will have a tendency to sabotage their own success. He argues that you really need to think deep down that you deserve success, really deserve it as a pre-requisite … Continue reading Do you deserve success?

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James and his team have given me a friendly and efficient service with good practical advise. I enjoy using their services and would recommend them to others.

Phillip Bradwell,
Greystar Europe.

James provides a superb service, showing expert knowledge of his field and delivering efficiently within short timescales. I have recommended James to colleagues already and will continue to do so without hesitation.

Ben Godfrey,
Godfrey Wealth Management Ltd.

Looking After You, Looking After Your Business

Cloud based accounting software is the biggest change to accountancy since double entry bookkeeping. Xero, Sage One, Quickbooks which ever you choose, it will will transform your accountancy experience, specifically:

  • No need to install, maintain or host an accounts program saving you cost and time.
  • Access to your data any time any place. You can do your bookkeeping while you wait to pick the kids up from school.
  • Beautiful technology that’s easy and intuitive to use. You’ll enjoy working with it.
  • The flow of information, for example from your bank or to your customers, flows pretty much automatically saving you time.
  • Great real time information so you have up to the minute information where ever you have internet access.
  • We can advise you in real time not ‘when you bring the books in’.

‘The Cloud’. Let’s be clear about what ‘the cloud’ means. It means your program and your data are held centrally, typically on a huge professionally managed computer in Milton Keynes, and accessed through the internet. We like Xero cloud based accounting solution because it is so nice to use, intuitive and visually pleasing. It integrates really well with bank feeds, and has easy reconciliations. What it makes possible is for you to do your business (pay the wages, send invoices, receive bank statements etc.) and the bookkeeping is done behind the scenes automatically. This saves you huge amounts of time and it saves us time too – automated transactions set up correctly don’t get misposted!

This means that we work differently. We check your records regularly during the year; we don’t wait until the year end. We help you as the year unfolds so we can make a difference to you by interpreting your numbers in real time. Spending our time advising you not ‘doing the numbers’.

Manchester Accountants, Open on a Saturday?

We want to spend time with you, since Saturday is sometimes best for you, it’s best for us! So if you want to see an accountant, simply ring and make an appointment.

It’s Not Just About the Money

An accountant saying, ‘it’s not just about the money’? We understand that working for yourself is also about the freedom to work when you want, to do the work you want to do, with the people you want to do business with. We’ll help with this.

Wider goals can only be achieved if your core profitability is strong. A profitable business also supports the things you want to do and your personal financial goals – these personal goals should dovetail into your business plans. We help you bring all this together with a logical, thought out approach. You won’t have started your business so you can do administration, but the reality is that businesses cannot function without it. Our aim is to make your financial administration as painless as possible.

The Manchester Accountancy Firm that Specialises in Growing Businesses

Fast growing businesses are fast changing businesses. The difficulty is often in making sure that you grow with sufficient stability. We will help you:

  • Work out the cash flow requirements – growing businesses often use up more cash than they generate in profit.
  • Monitor the way you do things to help you control your business as it expands.
  • Have the information, financial and non financial, so you can make decisions with that great information.

How Do We Charge?

You should know what you are going to pay before you ask us to do any work. No surprises. All fees are agreed up front, fixed and normally paid in manageable monthly instalments.

Our most popular packages are all inclusive where we do your financial returns to Companies House and HMRC, deal with any questions you have and look after you. The main exception to this would be if you had a specific piece of additional work you needed to have done – e.g. a set of forecasts for the bank.

We normally agree fees at our first meeting with you (or shortly afterwards if we need time to think things through).

Is it hard to Switch Accountants?

To change accountants all you need to do is sign a letter (which we can prepare) to your current accountant. They will quickly pass over all that your new accountant needs to help you. All you then need to do is sign up.